Playing in the Key of Ease – A Movement Mastery Workshop

Being a successful and comfortable musician and tutor is knowing how to USE your body intimately well, not only to avoid fatigue, tension, pain, stress anxiety and technical limitations but to have more enjoyment and confidence going forward, knowing that you have the essential body skills to take you there and to pass on to your students.

In this 2.5 hour workshop you’ll gain experience in:

  • How to sit with a soft, dynamic supportive back.
  • Holding instruments with less effort and strain how to relax your neck and shoulders (and its not Drop them down)
  • How scrunching messes up fingers and traps nerves.
  • Standing unbraced and feeling supported.
  • We may even have time to explore effortless breathing.

As this workshop is about your needs it will be tailored to the participants attending.

Please wear loose warm clothing and bring a rug and a phone book

An individual 30 minute lesson is built into the price and can be taken after the workshop or at a later date. Please ask for available times when booking at the CSM office.

Workshop details

Date: May 20th 2017

Venue: Office at 60 Ferry Road, Christchurch school of Music (CSM)

Investment: $80

Bookings: Please book with Christchurch school of Music (CSM) 03 366 1711

Tutor: Belinda Walker – Alexander Technique tutor. Please call me for further information 0277 380 943