Regain Your Posture and Delicious Freedom of Movement for Life…

About Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique is a simple and highly effective method to eliminate pain, stress and fatigue by improving postural behaviours.

This educational approach gets to the root of unhelpful habits of tension and compression that cause and aggravate  many health conditions. This very sophisticated method offers you life- long skills for self-care through self-awareness – saves you money, time, energy and suffering.

Its not so much what you do – but HOW you do it that matters.

Posture Correction 

By giving the internal organs more space, tension is released blood flow is more efficient and circulation improves helping with High blood pressure, breathing difficulties, asthma, digestive problems, anxiety, sleep problems and arthritis. Alexander Teachers are trained for 3 years on posture correction being uniquely qualified to help you achieve relaxed poise without tension or having to HOLD your shoulders back or STIFFEN your back up.

Back Pain Sufferers 

87% of back problems are known to be muscular in origin which relates to how you are moving. A programme of individualized lessons will help you accomplish your daily routines pain-free so you can begin to reduce your medication, avoid surgery and enjoy your life.

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Neck and Shoulder Conditions 

Forward poking head, Dowagers Hump, Headaches, Tinnitus, Stress, Anxiety, Frozen shoulders and Scoliosis, pinched, trapped nerves, slipped discs.

Mobility Solutions – Walk and Run Easily –

I’ll help you troubleshoot solutions for flat feet, knocked, damaged, arthritic knees/ hips pigeon toes, bursitis, sciatic, foot/ ankle pain, shin splints.

British Medical Journal study of the A.T

About Belinda Walker

In 1992 I Completed Sydney based 3 year (full time) Teacher Training. I’m thrilled to offer you my 20 years teaching experience to help you towards your goals. Alexander Technique is a beautiful gift of awareness, self control and healing that is empowering for everyone who tries it. You’ll never regret trying it.

Lessons are easy, fun and instructional. I use gentle guiding touch to achieve improved balance and co-ordination in activity. An individual 90 minute lesson is $110. Discounts for pre-paid series.

I offer Health in the Workplace workshops by design for your organization. For booking and info;


My diagnosis took 7 weeks, many pain killers and 6 weeks off work , daily GP visits, Chiropractors, Osteopath, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Neurologist, Musculoskeletal specialist MRI and X-rays. I had ulna nerve entrapment with 4th rib displacement.
In the first lesson my fingers stopped tingling and after the 2nd my headaches went.
In just 5 lessons with Belinda I’m better, along with my posture, scoliosis and popped rib.
– Aga.

I have found A.T remarkably successful. My migraines are greatly diminished, stress levels are lower and enjoyment of my life has increased.
– J.W

Carpal Tunnel, OOS, Fibromyalgia I’ve been managing my life with OOS resulting in chronic back, shoulder, arm and neck pain for 5 years. I have made powerful changes since beginning lessons, easing unnecessary tensions and limiting thoughts, towards a stress-free lifestyle.
– Jane

Call 0277 380943 or Email belinda@alexandertechnique.net.nz for future introductory events.